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Preventative Maintenance:
Energy Saving & Equipment Maintenance Services

What is a Service Agreement?

A Dependable Services Service Agreement is a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your systems are operating properly. This maintenance is performed at least twice a year and is tailored to suit the customers needs and desires. A service agreement allows our technician to test the integral components of the unit(s) such as compressors, fan motors, refrigerant levels, CO2 levels, etc. and verify that they are in good operating condition.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a standard agreement that includes the changing of filters, cleaning of coils and visually checking all operations, with no additional charges for these services. (Not doing this would be like having your car checked out every 3000 miles, but not changing the oil. We would not charge you to come out and tell you that your filter needs to be replaced.)

After performing the maintenance, our technician will walk you through what was done and explain what additional work may be needed to keep your unit in top operating condition.

AC Service

Why should I have a Dependable Services Service Agreement?

It has been proven that maintaining Heating & Air Conditioning equipment (HVAC) as well as commercial refrigeration and other mechanical systems offers a great benefit to our customers. Reduced operating costs through better efficiency, increased equipment life expectancy and more reliable operation are just a few of the benefits you can expect from our Service Agreements. The technician has the opportunity to check for specific issues, which will help him to detect potential or existing problems. Though no problems are good, the earlier you catch them, the better & the less disruption they will have in your life. Often the problems we catch result in fewer system failures and less down time from the comfort of your home or business.

Purchase or Inquire about a Dependable Services Service Agreement

Dependable Services offers residential and commercial maintenance agreements and inspections customized to your needs. Please contact us online to inquire about obtaining a Dependable Services Service Agreement for your air conditioning or heating system.


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